Project management for construction works

With years of experience in the design and construction of high scale properties, All in One Exclusive proposes its services as a global project coordinator and a single point of contact for your property needs. By mixing your ideas with those of the best local professionals we construct a vision of your project above what any one person can imagine.

Through an in-depth analysis of your real estate assets, we first identify all critical areas from maintenance and renovation requirements through insurance solutions to administrative, tax and fiscal needs, investment advice, etc. Together with our clients, we then determine the coordination and management requirements of your private or business real estate, holiday homes, rental or investment projects, etc.

We can assist you in several aspects of your existing or new construction projects : property audits, project administration and management, direction of building works, interior and exterior design and much more.

Our project management and building consultancy teams bring together project managers, building surveyors, quantity surveyors, architects and interior designers to support our clients in the construction, refurbishment and maintenance aspects of their properties.

For the design, planning and coordination of new construction works or to consolidate the project management for renovation, alteration or maintenance works, call on All in One Exclusive SA' expertise.

Whether you are developing new property, refurbishing an existing one or moving into a new space, our professionals guide you through the process from project inspection, through laying the first foundation to final fit-out. We provide sound professional and commercial advice, and deploy multi-functional teams to manage projects on your behalf and ensure delivery on time and within your budget limits.

Through an active project management, we will make sure to put in place an overall project strategy that will add value to your real estate asset.


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